Football is the most popular sport in Switzerland. The country is also home to the headquarters of the most important international football federations, FIFA and UEFA.

Swiss national team, 2018 World Cup campaign
Swiss national team, 2018 World Cup campaign © ASF

There are 1,419 football clubs in Switzerland, with 268,000 licensed players (8% of whom are women), and 155,000 juniors.

Switzerland's premier men's football division is the Swiss Super League. The second-highest division is the Swiss Challenge League. Between July and May, ten teams compete in each of these leagues for the title of league champion. There is also the Swiss Cup, a tournament open to both the professional and amateur leagues.

Swiss football clubs have yet to enjoy any major success in European-level tournaments, although certain clubs like FC Basel regularly qualify for the group round of the Champions League. Founded in 1879, FC St. Gallen is Switzerland's oldest football club.

Switzerland hosted the 1954 World Cup and, together with Austria, hosted the UEFA European Championship in 2008. The Swiss national side has regularly played in major international competitions since 1994.

Switzerland's junior teams regularly qualify for the World Cup and UEFA European Championship, where they do extremely well. In 2009, the Swiss U-17 team won the Junior World Cup.

Switzerland is home to the headquarters of the two most important international football federations: FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) in Zurich, and UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) in Nyon.

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