Photo exhibition - The 2030 Agenda for Switzerland and the world

For the Annual Conference of Swiss Development Cooperation 2016, the SDC commissioned Dario Lanfranconi, a young photographer, to illustrate the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for a photographic exhibition. The SDC is now making these illustrations available to interested parties free of charge.

The exhibition of photos by Dario Lanfranconi can be loaned free of charge. © Myriam Liardon

Photographer Dario Lanfranconi’s exhibition comprises 17 images and a list of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in German and French. 

The images set us thinking about contributions Switzerland might make to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. They are also intended to remind us that global challenges transcend national borders and that all state and private actors throughout the world affect each other. 

Information brochure 

The SDC is making this photo exhibition available to interested parties (e.g. schools) free of charge to provide them with information about the 2030 Agenda. The exhibition is accompanied by an information brochure, also available for free, with captions in German and French for all 17 photographs.