The reports and strategies that the Federal Council produces as part of its work to implement the 2030 Agenda are subject to a broad-based consultation process. This is designed to ensure that the interests of stakeholders from outside the federal government are taken into account in Federal Council planning.

Consultations are held on the following outcome documents:

Country report

As part of an international review mechanism, states must report to the UN on their progress in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (country report). These reports also allow governments to keep their citizens and parliaments up to date. Reporting follows a four-year cycle. Switzerland’s first country report was presented in 2018. The second country report is due in 2022.

Sustainable Development Strategy and Action Plan

Switzerland has aligned its upcoming sustainable development policy with the goals of the 2030 Agenda. The most recent country report is therefore an important basis for Switzerland's Sustainable Development Strategy. The Federal Council is revising this strategy for the 2020–30 period along with the accompanying Action Plan, which is updated every four years to coincide with the new legislative period.

Upcoming consultations:

Consultation Contents Date
Sustainable Development Strategy 2020-2023 Consultation on the strategy (not the action plan) 2020