Financial matters

Standard pension benefits can be transferred to any place of residence.
Payment is made directly by the Swiss Compensation Office in the currency of the country of residence as a rule. You may also choose to have your benefits paid into a personal postal or bank account in Switzerland.

Please make sure that your benefits (Old-age, Survivors’ and Invalidity Insurance (AHV/AVS), pension fund and other insurances) are properly transferred. If you change your place of residence, you must inform the AHV/AVS compensation office, your pension fund and insurance providers.

With regard to capital and real estate, it is necessary to be aware of the relevant regulations. If you want to transfer assets abroad, for example for the purchase of a house, you need to pay attention to the foreign currency regulations (import restrictions, currency exchange, taxation). Should you wish to return to Switzerland at a later date, currency export regulations may also be a significant factor.