Bilateral relations Switzerland–Bahrain

Relations between Switzerland and Bahrain centre on trade, finance and human rights. Bahrain is an important regional trading centre and therefore particularly attractive to Swiss financial institutions.

MENA Strategy

On 14 October 2020 the Federal Council adopted a specific strategy for the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA Strategy) for the
2021 – 2024 period. It identifies five thematic priorities: peace, security and human rights; migration and protection of people in need; sustainable development; economic affairs, finance, science; and digitalization and new technologies.

These priorities are weighted differently across the various regions and countries. In the Arabian Peninsula and Iran, priority thematic areas for Switzerland are regional stability and security, economic and financial cooperation, and sustainable natural resource management.

Switzerland also wishes to support the Gulf countries in their efforts to professionalize their international cooperation, especially with regard to South-South cooperation and compliance with international development standards in the areas of climate change, health and water management.

Strategy for the MENA region

Switzerland's focus in Bahrain

The MENA Strategy 2021 – 2024 identifies the following priorities for Switzerland in Bahrain:  

Human Rights

In addition to their multilateral commitments, the two countries hold regular bilateral talks on human rights issues under declarations of intent.

Access to the market

Switzerland supports Swiss companies that want to take advantage of opportunities in Bahrain.

The two countries concluded an agreement on civil aviation in 1986, followed in 2004 by an agreement on the avoidance of double taxation in air and sea transport. A free trade agreement between the European Free Trade Association and the Gulf Cooperation Council states came into force in 2014. In November 2019, the two countries signed a double taxation agreement.

Treaty database


Switzerland relies on the complementary roles of Algeria for trilateral South–South cooperation projects with countries in the Sahel on issues such as migration, peace support and security.

Trade promotion, Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE)

Trade statistics, Swiss Federal Customs Administration (FCA)

Double taxation agreements

Other areas of cooperation

Education, training, research and innovation

Researchers and artists who are citizens of Bahrain can apply for Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships from the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI). Furthermore, SERI has designated the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES⁠-⁠SO) as the Leading House for the Middle East and North Africa and commissioned it to develop scientific collaboration partnerships between Switzerland and the countries of the MENA region.

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars and Artists 

Leading House MENA project

Cultural exchanges

Switzerland regularly participates in events to promote the French language as part of the International Day of La Francophonie and the Italian culture week (Settimana della Lingua Italiana nel Mondo). It also organises various cultural events.

Swiss nationals in Bahrain

In 2022, there were 90 Swiss citizens living in Bahrain.