Information COVID-19 to the Swiss community in Cambodia

Local news, 23.03.2020

COVID-19: Information to Swiss citizens currently traveling or residing in Cambodia/ No. 3 / 25.03.2020

In the hall of the airport of Bogotà a Swiss flag hanging at the check-in counter indicates the flight to Switzerland.
At Bogotà airport, a Swiss flag at the check-in counter shows the way back to Switzerland. © FDFA

Dear compatriots,

Please find below a new update from the Embassy of Switzerland in Bangkok, responsible for consular affairs in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar.

If you are a Swiss citizen residing in Cambodia or in the region, please relay this newsletter to any Swiss citizens currently traveling in the region that you might know of.

Messages for Swiss citizens currently traveling in the region

The Embassy of Switzerland in Bangkok reiterates its call to all Swiss citizens who are currently traveling in Cambodia or in the region – and who live in Switzerland – to return to Switzerland immediately. There is a great uncertainty about how the situation will evolve in the next few days, both for the flights and the measures taken in the country by the Cambodian government to fight the spread of the virus. This call does not apply to Swiss citizens living in Cambodia.

Commercial flights: more and more flights are canceled every day. A list of identified remaining international flights operating from Bangkok to Switzerland and other cities in Europe is available on the Embassy in Bangkok’s website and is frequently updated. There is still a small possibility to fly to Bangkok through Thai Airways – which temporarily resumed some flights from Phnom Penh to Bangkok. But from the information we heard, it might only be the case until 27.03. Please contact directly Thai Airways if you are interested and see also below the point 5 regarding transiting in Thailand or entering Thailand.

In any case, please make your way to the cities which have international airports as soon as possible to be able to take advantage of any departure flight opportunities.

For Cambodia: Phnom Penh

For Thailand: Bangkok (a list of hotels near the airport is on Embassy in Bangkok’s website) and Phuket

For Lao PDR: Vientiane

For Myanmar: Yangon

For Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur

Travel Admin App / Itineris: If you haven’t done this yet, please register on the Swiss “Travel Admin App” (also known as “Itineris”) so that we can contact you if needed. Also, please make sure the date of your trip is up-to-date so that our Embassy can assess quickly who is still in the country.

Info on flights transiting in Thailand: since yesterday evening 24.03 and for 7 days only (until included), it will be possible to transit through an international airport in Thailand with a fit-to- fly health certificate, without COVID test. This applies to those who have “connecting flights” in Thailand en route to a third country. The certificate has to be presented at the check-in counter in the departing country for flight bound for Thailand. Transit implies that the travelers remain in the transit area the entire time, but less than 24 hours, before departing Thailand to Switzerland or any third country. More information on Embassy in Bangkok’s website.

Important: Travelers who need to leave the transit area to obtain a new boarding pass will need to present, when checking in for any flight bound to Thailand, the same documents as those who wish to enter Thailand:

less than 3-day old health certificate certifying that the traveler is free of Covid-19;

health insurance which cover Covid-19 treatment in Thailand and with the coverage of no less than USD 100,000.

Message for the Swiss community residing in Cambodia and in the region

Traveling within Cambodia: Prime Minister Hun Sen announced today that he is considering asking His Majesty King Sihamoni Norodom to proclaim placing Cambodia in a state of emergency (according to Art. 22 of Cambodia’s Constitution) in order to fight Covid-19. It is important that you comply with all instructions and orders issued by Cambodian authorities at this time. Given the fast evolution of the situation, further restrictions could also be announced in the near future.

-> We strongly advise you to stay at your place of residence in Cambodia, or to return to it as soon as possible.

Operations of the Swiss Embassy in Bangkok: The Swiss Embassy is still operating and staff are fully dedicated to the COVID-19 situation and advise and assist Swiss citizens as best as they can with the resources that are available. Consular requests that are not urgent will be dealt with at a later stage. For any question regarding the situation of COVID-19, please address them directly to the Swiss Embassy in Bangkok, rather than to the Swiss Consular Agency in Phnom Penh. Thank you for your understanding.

I also invite you to watch my video message addressed to Swiss citizens living and traveling in the region. It is available on Facebook and on our website.

For further questions please email to or call +66 2 674 69 00. The phone numbers of the FDFA Helpline are +41 800 24-7-365 and +41 58 465 33 33.

Don’t forget to regularly consult our social media: Facebook pages (Embassy in Bangkok and Swiss Cooperation Mekong) and the Embassy in Bangkok’s website as well.

Stay safe and healthy and with my best greetings,


Helene Budliger Artieda

Swiss Ambassador to Cambodia, Lao PDR and Thailand