Swiss Business Hub

The Swiss Business Hub Canada provides local support, market information, consulting and networking services to Swiss companies venturing into the Canadian market. An experienced team of trade commissioners stands ready to support inquiries of all kind and serves as a contact for companies - new or experienced - in the Canadian market. In addition, the Swiss Business Hub actively promotes Switzerland as a highly attractive business and investment location for Canadian companies looking to expand in Switzerland and in Europe.


Export Promotion

The Swiss Business Hub acts as the key contact point for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of Switzerland and Liechtenstein looking for export opportunities in the Canadian market. The Hub’s services include: 

  • Market information and support

  • Detailed market and product analysis

  • Search for distributors, local representatives and partners, and support for the establishment of communication channels

  • B2B / B2C sales pipeline development

  • Individual consulting and coaching of SMEs

  • Site location evaluation

  • Organization of events and fact finding missions for Swiss companies, associations and official delegations


Investment Promotion

The Swiss Business Hub actively informs companies based in Canada of key advantages to invest and conduct business in Switzerland. In close collaboration with cantonal and regional representatives as well as private-sector partners, the Hub supports foreign investors with the following services:

Communicating Switzerland’s unique selling points 

  • Facilitating contact with regional and cantonal economic development agencies

  • Connecting with research centers and universities

  • Meeting legal and administrative requirements

  • Obtaining work and residence permits

  • Defining the ideal corporate structure and explaining the Swiss tax system


All Hubs have a first-rate network of contacts in both the host country and in Switzerland. The Swiss Business Hub is attached to the official Swiss representation in Montreal.

Are you interested in exporting your products to Canada or in expanding your business to Switzerland?

Contact us at:

Swiss Business Hub Canada
Consulate General of Switzerland
1572 avenue Dr Penfield, Montréal QC  H3G 1C4
Tel. + 1 514 932 7181

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About the Swiss Business Hubs

The Swiss Business Hub Canada promotes commercial relations between Switzerland and Canada. In 2001 Switzerland upgraded the trade sections of selected embassies and consulates general around the world into Swiss Business Hubs. A network of 22 Hubs exists today, providing Swiss companies with worldwide assistance in developing their international business and promoting Switzerland as a business location. The activities of the Swiss Business Hubs are supported by Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), which has been officially commissioned by the Swiss government to promote exports, imports and investments. Swiss Business Hubs operate in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Poland, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, India, Singapore, China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Mexico and Turkey.


Visit S-GE’s official website for more information: