Concerts Tour of Werner Bärtschi

Friday, 24.03.2017 – Sunday, 09.04.2017


The repertoire of the Zurich-born pianist Werner Bärtschi ranges broadly from late Renaissance to contemporary music. His interpretations impress audiences for their spontaneity and thrilling communicative power. As a composer, Bärtschi has more than 40 compositions spanning various genres to his credit. His novel interpretations of the classics give him profound insight into the rich complexity of past masterpieces, while his talent for communication shines through his music. 

During his China tour, he will perform classics by Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Schuman, Lister, and more.

24/03 Shenzhen/深圳

25/03 Dongguan/东莞 

26/03 Haikou/ 海口

01/04 Fuzhou/福州

02/04 Hangzhou/杭州

03/04 Hefei/ 合肥


08/04 Chengdu/成都

09/04 Shanghai/上海