Nikola Mounoud Black Hole Tour

Wednesday, 15.03.2017 – Sunday, 30.04.2017, Pro Helvetia


For an intense tour towards China, Hong Kong, Macao, Japan and South Korea, Mei Zhiyong and Swiss artist . . .are teaming up for a brand new tour project of forty five days. Totally irresponsible and free in their respective artwork, this tour will be the middle of the end, a game changer in the counter-culture scene, death of concessions. Music and sounds, visuals and performances, audience and artists are going to be absorbed by the massive unload of frequencies they both became scaringly efficient at producing. Be ready to be blown away by the powerful cathartic anger each of their public appearances contains. Feedbacks, backgrounds noises, amplification, kicks, effects, destruction, creation, love, hate, fear, pride, questioning, arrogance... every means necessary are going to be sucked, used and reshaped to deliver pure tributes to a chaotic beauty of life.

Nikola Mounoud

...sound artist, musician, noisician, performer, composer, improviser or whatever you like to call it (depends largely on your taste). . . is the soundless moniker of Nikola Mounoud. Riding many musical waves as anywone do, he focus his work on the exploration of analog, digital and hybrid feedback (larsen) using a laptop computer and an analog mixer. He designed for himself a proper instrument that allows him to work as precisely as needed and wanted, of course well hewn from the coal face of improvisation ! Unlike chords, wind and skins of acoustic sound, feedback is an unstoppable implacable sonic evolution. His work is meant to be played and heard live as well as, time to time, shared freely over the internet. 

He is also the half of the unclassifiable duo Overload Collapse with Nicolas J. Fasnacht, they also write texts/essais and interviews for Multiple Tap's webzine 20Hz. 2004 was the blessed year when they started the [net]label that became the social experimental USB/Cloud project since 2014. In march 2016 "Les Galeries" opened in Fribourg, Switzerland for a 6 months project. Since january 2017 they launched "la parøisse associative" and the "MacBook Recycle Project". 

In 2009 he co-founded the associative film photography & cinema laboratory "on fait du l'art !". With visual artist Kusty they worked on several project like CINEMA (RE)TROUVE, KARAOKE PORNO, AVERY TINNITUS. 

Niko is also use to be a full time volunteer for the LUFF - Lausanne Underground Film&Music Festival, being part of the organisation crew as music co-programer, sound technician and other little things since 2004. And now focus on the coordination of international exchange such as LUFF does TOKYO (2012) and LUFF does HONG KONG (2016). But for a more wordy concepts or description it may be easier to turn your interest towards writers instead of a sound artist, musician, noi... 

Mei Zhiyong

Born in Shandong Province in 1984, now living in Changchun City, Jilin Privince. Harsh noise, experimental music, independent film, photography, field recording.

About noise: exploring the nature of the way, the body is a tool,thought is a program. All the manic, quiet, extreme, abnormal have been presetby procedures and tools, noise is the carrier of breaking all the rules, only impaling nothingness will real make you get rid of the contradiction between voice and body, between body and mind. 

About field recordings: Collecting the sound of a solid as a medium: slight vibrate. 

About images: occasional porn, occasional violence, occasionally fresh, often meaningless. Saw the birth of the image as the birth of space, the birth of the space as the birth of time, the birth of time asthe birth of death, the birth of death as the birth of thought, beyond logic, destroy logic.

Time and Venue

15.03.2017 @ The Door in 哈尔滨/Haerbin
16.03.2017 @ 光阴咖啡如昔店 in 长春/Changchun
17.03.2017 @ party98 in  沈阳/Shenyang 
18.03.2017 @ 回声图书馆 in 大连/Dalian     
19.03.2017 @ Fruityspace in 北京/Beijing
20.03.2017 @ 仙丹live house in 石家庄/Shijiazhuang    
21.03.2017 @ 时差空间 in 北京/Beijing    
22.03.2017 @ School Bar in 北京/Beijing
23.03.2017 @ Chair Club in 上海/Shanghai
25.03.2017 @ 隔壁酒吧 in 义乌/Yiwu    
26.03.2017 @ Loopy in 杭州/Hangzhou
27.03.2017 @ on the way in 合肥/Hefei
28.03.2017 @ Vox Livehouse in 武汉/Wuhan
29.03.2017 @ 坚果 live house in 重庆/Chongqing
30.03.2017 @ nuspace in 成都/Chengdu

Location: various Chinese cities