Rimini Protokoll: Nachlass – Pièces sans personnes

Thursday, 15.10.2020 – Sunday, 18.10.2020

© Samuel Rubio

What remains after we are dead? How can memories be staged?
The German word “Nachlass” corresponds to the whole of the material and immaterial goods left by a deceased person. It’s composed of «nach» (after) and the verb «lassen» (to leave).  In a more specific sense, especially in research, «Nachlass» indicates the totality of records (letters, works, documents...) that were in possession of a person or a collection that a person has built during his or her lifetime.  

Stefan Kaegi accompanied eight people who for different reasons have decided to prepare their farewells. In collaboration with the stage designer Dominic Huber, they built eight spaces. Inside the protagonists tell, in their absence, the story of what remains when they are no longer there. 

“Nachlass” presents eight contemporary positions on what heritage and legacy mean today. The audience enters eight immersive spaces. Voices, objects and images guide the spectators to the point where the baton is passed from generation to generation and to the borders of our very existence.

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Location: Trafo House of Contemporary Arts (1094 Budapest, Liliom u. 41.)