Blue Peace Central Asia mid-year review

Local news, 30.04.2020

The mid-year review of the Blue Peace Central Asia Initiative, conducted on April 27-28, 2020, brought together representatives of SECO, BAFU, Swiss Embassies in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, the Office of Swiss Development Cooperation in Tajikistan, the Special Water Envoy of Switzerland, Mr. Guy Bonvin, and the Regional Water Advisor of Switzerland, Mr. André Wehrli. Due to the COVID-19, the meeting was held online.

Blue Peace Central Asia online mid-year review
Blue Peace Central Asia online mid-year review © FDFA

During the online meeting, the representatives updated information on the economic situation related to COVID-19 and informed about the current state of water projects conducted by Switzerland in the region. The meeting also offered an opportunity to assess chances and prospects for the further development of cross-border and regional projects. 

Taking into consideration the fact that 90 percent of water in Central Asia comes from mountains and it makes 40 percent of GDP with up to 80 percent of labour force depending on the irrigation sector, Central Asian countries need robust water infrastructure and management and an effective regional coordination. Switzerland therefore advocates a river-basin approach and an integrated water management which includes all aspects of water use: agriculture, energy, transport, monitoring of water quality and quantity, protection of water sources and climate change.