Exhibition: Urban Utopias for Mullae-dong

Friday, 13.02.2015 – Friday, 13.02.2015


Exhibition: Urban Utopias for Mullae-dong

Mullae-dong is one of Seoul’s last remaining industrial districts: An uncertain future and the partial absence of building laws make it a fertile ground for the growth and implementation of urban concepts. The project explores the realities and visions of its inhabitants as the base on which future developments will sprout. The exhibition offers a tour through various locations where fragments of these Utopias are rebuilt and staged, followed by an open discussion of the scenarios.

In cooperation with Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts the Swiss architect Dario Lanfranconi is co-organizing this event with Korean partners.

The event will be held in English and Korean.
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Location: Bittarae Gallery in Mullae-dong