Promotion of Citizenship Education

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Creation of a society based on democratic values starts with youngsters. They are the citizens of tomorrow and can easily absorb new concepts and values. Education system plays an important role in transmitting the values of citizenship and their benefits to the society. The project aims guaranteeing the quality of citizenship education in schools.

Country/region Topic Period Budget
Conflict & fragility
Rule of Law - Democracy - Human rights
Primary education
Conflict prevention
01.09.2011 - 31.12.2014
CHF 1'100'000

The emergence of a responsible civil society is a prerequisite for the establishment of a stable democratic system and the consolidated rule of law in Kosovo. For Kosovo, the youngest state in Europe, addressing the potential of children and youth with regard to citizenship building is therefore crucial.



The project contributes to the development of democratic citizenship. Concretely, the project's overall goal reads: A culture of democratic citizenship among Kosovo children is developed through the education system.

Target groups

The target population of Kosovision Contest and of the research component are the teachers of 5th grade classes throughout Kosovo. They are the project's link to its beneficiaries, the children of 5th grade classes (age 11 and 12).


Medium-term outcomes

I: School pupils participating in the Kosovision Contest have enhanced abilities and skills to address real life community issues in a creative and responsible way.

II: By the academic year 2014/15, Kosovision Contest is a regular activity of primary education in Kosovo.

III: Teaching of citizenship is based on research results.



Expected results:  

Three cycles of Kosovision Contest are realised. Teachers are capable to promote participation of children in democratic processes.

MEST takes the necessary measures to integrate the Kosovision Contest in the regular primary education system.

The understanding of citizenship among Kosovo children is assessed by research.

In-service teacher training on citizenship can be based on didactic material.


Results from previous phases:  

Since 2007, the project, under the name "Kosovision Contest" introduced the citizenship concepts to the primary schools in Kosovo 5th grade classes (counting up to 96'000 pupils) giving them a chance to voice their opinion about Kosovo's future, expressing their thoughts and ideas. Initially piloted in Prizren during the academic year 2007/2008, the project was implemented throughout Kosovo from 2008/09 through 2010/11. Also, in-service training on citizenship concepts and teaching methods was provided to 3750 teachers. A research on citizenship concepts (questionnaire based on the internationally used lEA-GIVED instrument) was piloted with 4 secondary schools in Prishtina.


Directorate/federal office responsible SDC
Credit area Swiss cooperation with Eastern Europe
Project partners Contract partner
Swiss Academic and Research Institution
  • Swiss Universities or FHS

Other partners

Faculty of Education- 4 professors

Municipal Departments of Education

MEST Regional Education Inspectors (Regional Education Centres)


Coordination with other projects and actors

The project is realized in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. (MEST is committed to continue the Kosovision Contest beyond the duration of SDC support.

SDC domain Rule of Law and democracy, in particular LOGOS, AKM and DSP.


Budget Current phase Swiss budget CHF   1'100'000 Swiss disbursement to date CHF   1'119'962
Project phases

Phase 3 01.09.2011 - 31.12.2014   (Completed)