Swiss Contribution to the European Endowment for Democracy

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Initiated by Poland and launched by the EU with the financial support of a number of European countries, the European Endowment for Democracy intends to promote democracy by supporting "agents of change" in the bordering countries of the EU in the East and in the South. Switzerland is represented in the Board of Governors and supports the endowment with a contribution of 1 million CHF earmarked for grants provided by the European Endowment for Democracy to projects.

Country/region Topic Period Budget
Eastern Europe and CIS

15.07.2013 - 31.12.2015
CHF  1’000’000

The democratic transition in the CIS countries is still on-going. In those countries, there are regimes that maintain tight control over the population. The European Endowment for Democracy has been created in order "to support the unsupported", namely individuals and groups who struggle tor rights and more democracy in their own country.


The key objective is to fester and encourage democratisation and deep sustainable democracy in countries in political transition and in societies struggling for démocratisation. The European Endowment for Democracy will support actors of democatric change, pro-democratic organisations and movements with a view to encouraging pro-democratic attitudes and pluralism.

Target groups

Beneficiaries of the Endowment's activities include pro-democratic movements and other pro-democratic actors in favor of a pluralistic multiparty system; social movements and actors; civil society organisations; emerging leaders, independent media and journalists (including bloggers, social media activists, etc); non-governmental institutions, including foundations and educational institutions functioning also in exile, provided that the beneficiaries adhere to core democratie values, respect international human rights standards and subscribe to principles of non-violence.

Medium-term outcomes

The European Endowment for Democracy contributes to the democratisation of the countries where it operates.

The European Endowment for Democracy gets visibility and outreach.



Expected results:  

The European Endowment for Democracy is fully functional and managed professionnaly.

The grants selection processes is efficient and the projects selected are meaningful.

Results from previous phases:  


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Budget Current phase Swiss budget CHF    1’000’000 Swiss disbursement to date CHF    1’000’000
Project phases

Phase 1 15.07.2013 - 31.12.2015   (Completed)