Foreword from the Head of Cooperation

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Local news, 30.01.2024

Dear readers,

We are happy to be back with the first issue of the SDC Mongolia Newsletter for 2024. 

Dr.Stefanie Burri, Head of Cooperation and Consul General in Mongolia
Dr.Stefanie Burri, Head of Cooperation and Consul General in Mongolia ©SDC

By the time you read this, the first month of the year will have passed, and Tsagaan Sar, the Mongolian Lunar New Year, will be just around the corner. I hope your transition to the new year has been filled with moments of peace with your loved ones.

In parts of the world, the landscape is still white and covered in snow. For many people, white is the color of innocence and purity. Some animals are hibernating in their dens, waiting for spring and warmer days. Others are stronger, braving the cold and going out and about all day in their winter coats.

Winter coats might be good for blocking the cold, but they don’t shield us from the chilling news and images of ongoing armed conflicts. I hope this year brings pleasant surprises with an end to the suffering of children in many regions.

Turning to the contents of this edition, let me tell you there are articles on governance, a topic that has accompanied us throughout all the years of Swiss cooperation in Mongolia. You will learn about what we have achieved and what we are proud of.

Included is an introduction to one of my dear colleagues, my deputy, who is also the Head of Finance, Human Resources and Administration. I am so impressed by her CV!

Under no circumstances would I fail to point out a special event in May 2024, when we will celebrate 60 years of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Mongolia. The Swiss and Mongolian governments will organize events throughout the year to acknowledge this friendship between our two countries. 

Notice the logo in this newsletter, which draws attention to this special year. In addition to the number 60, you will also often see the Edelweiss flower. This symbol is important for Mongolia and Switzerland and represents the central value of peace for both countries.

Let yourself be inspired.

I hope you enjoy reading. As always, we would be delighted to receive your feedback.

Dr. Stefanie Burri,

Head of Swiss Cooperation and Consul General in Mongolia