School of Veterinary Medicine of the Mongolian University of Life Science builds a smart Auditorium for Distance Learning

Local news, 02.05.2021

The rapid development of the information technology industry is revolutionizing many areas, including vocational education. Taking advantage of new technology resources, the Mongolian University of Life Sciences (MULS), in collaboration with the SDC’s Green Gold Animal Health Project, has opened a new smart auditorium for distance learning, to provide continuous postgraduate training to support veterinarians working in remote aimags and soums. 

Veterinary School
Veterinary School ©SDC

The 180-seat auditorium is equipped with video conferencing tools, broadcasting systems, a professional sound system, smart screens, and high-capacity computers and printers. The auditorium was built and equipped with 124.4 million MNT from the Green Gold Animal Health project and 35.4 million MNT in funding from MULS. Thanks to the opening of the auditorium, professional educators will be able to prepare lessons in an interesting way with accompanying audio, video, and text suitable for distance learning. In the future, the smart auditorium will be an e-learning resource for bachelor's, master's and doctoral students, and rural veterinarians, and used for domestic and international scientific conferences. To create a database for future e-learning, the Green Gold project funded the preparation of a series of 11 digital manuals and five video lesson collections on infectious, parasitic, and non-communicable livestock diseases; food safety for animal products; and the proper use of veterinary medicines.

Over 440 veterinarians and specialists from 21 aimags, the capital city, and 330 soums have registered to participate in the training for local epidemiologists organized by the Mongolian Veterinary Epidemiologists Association, in accordance with an agreement signed by the General Authority for Veterinary Services (GAVS). The training that will broadcast from the new auditorium will focus on improving the knowledge and skills of epidemiologists in soum veterinary departments; improving the use of integrated veterinary systems; improving animal disease registration and information management; mapping distribution methods; and disseminating information to the public through database processing and analysis.

Due to the high risk of spreading COVID-19, access to large-scale training and events has been limited. The training of veterinary epidemiologists from every aimag and remote soums, made possible by the smart auditorium, is an important contribution to the effective implementation of integrated veterinary measures based on advanced scientific technology and evidence.

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