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Dam Safety Monitoring and Rockfall protection, Phase III

01.01.2010 - 31.12.2023

The overall objective of the Contribution is to assist the competent Albanian Institutions and the Albanian Power Corporation KESH in raising the safety of the dams at Drin and Mat River Cascades to European standards.

Project completed

CZ: Financial Reporting Project

01.01.2010 - 30.06.2015

Despite major reforms by the New EU Member States to their legal and regulatory frameworks governing corporate sector accounting and auditing, there is a substantial unfinished institutional development agenda in the field of financial reporting. The Financial Reporting Technical Assistance Program provides support
to five national administrations (in the Czech Republic as well as in Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Slovenia) which face capacity constraints and challenges in fully implementing, both in law and in practice, the very demanding obligations imposed by the rapidly-evolving acquis communautaire in this field.

Project completed

North Tajik Water Rehabilitation

01.01.2010 - 31.12.2021

Based on a request of the Tajik Government, SECO and EBRD started to develop a programmatic and integrated approach to replicate the successful Khujand Water Supply Projects in secondary cities throughout the country, including the North.

Project completed

Project Preparation Facility (PPF)

01.01.2010 - 30.06.2015

The Swiss Contribution to enlargement aims to finance a broad variety of projects. The PPF provided the necessary financial assistance to enable Executing Agencies to submit high quality project proposals. This was especially important in the case of complex projects.

Project completed

Euroventures IV


01.01.2010 - 31.12.2016

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Hungary continue to face great difficulties in accessing long  term external finance, especially in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. The Euroventures IV Venture Capital Fund provides equity financing to innovative start - up companies.

Project completed

Modernization of Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Systems in three Regional Hospitals of the Malopolskie Voivodship

Man with solar inverters

23.12.2009 - 31.01.2015

Air pollution and emission levels in Southeastern Poland are substantially higher than in Western European countries. The Malopolskie Voivodship owns 20 health care facilities located on its territory. The three public hospitals participating in this project are the largest and due to their medical specialisation the most important ones for the region. The main aim of the project is to modernize the central heating, cooling and ventilation systems of the three hospitals, thus reducing air pollution and emission levels.

Project completed

Asbestos Removal Szczucin

Workers removing asbestos

16.12.2009 - 31.03.2017

Air quality in the Voivodship Malopolskie is seriously affected by asbestos dust emissions and asbestos fibres in the air. The projects aims to renew the roofs and remove asbestos from private and public buildings in 70 communes located within the voivodship. The project also includes transport and subsequent storage in appropriate landfills. The project thus contributes significantly to the reduction of asbestos related health risks in the region.

Project completed

Waste Management System for the Region around Lubartów

Remediated waste disposal site

15.12.2009 - 31.03.2017

In an effort to reduce environmental pollution, a conglomeration of municipal authorities in Lubartów intends to establish a new waste management system for the subregion’s 81'000 inhabitants. At present, there is no sorting of ordinary and hazardous waste; waste disposal sites are inadequate; and large amounts of waste are illegally disposed of. These shortcomings have a negative impact on the environment and can lead to health problems.

Project completed

Asbestos disposal in the Voivodship Lublin

Renewal of roofs containing asbestos

15.12.2009 - 31.12.2016

In the past, asbestos was greatly appreciated as a building material until it was realised that asbestos dust posed a serious health risk. Switzerland is helping Poland to introduce a system for the monitoring and disposal of asbestos in the Voivodship Lublin. It will also remove rubbish containing asbestos from illegal dumps and will renew the roofs of 32'000 houses. 

Country/region Topic Period Budget
Protecting the environment
Waste disposal

15.12.2009 - 31.12.2016

CHF  13’215’785

Project completed

Industrial Energy Efficiency

31.10.2009 - 30.06.2016

The project is a collaboration between the UNIDO, the Departments of Trade and Industry (DTI) and of Energy (DoE) financed by SECO and DFID (UK). The project aims at a shift in industrial energy use practices in South Africa and possibly in the Southern African Region, with a view for industry to achieve a greater energy efficiency, in order to improve energy security and ensure continuity in power supply.

Project completed

Diesel Units for the Railway Line Malbork - Grudziadz

Billboard on the train informing about the Swiss Contribution

24.10.2009 - 31.12.2016

The main aim of the project is to improve the public passenger railway transport system between the cities of Malbork and Grudziadz (railway line Torun Wschodni – Malbork), predominantly located in the Pomorskie Voivodship, by purchasing modern rolling stock. This aim will be achieved by procuring four light rail diesel units of the latest technology, which will be operated by a private carrier on the basis of a concession agreement.

Project completed

Improving Warsaw Commuter Rail Services

Illustration of the planned inside of a train

24.10.2009 - 28.02.2017

The city of Warsaw is growing at a rapid pace. The need for maintenance, improvement and development of the public transport system in the city and the wider metropolitan area is apparent. This project aims at improving the efficiency, reliability, safety and comfort of passenger transport services on an important commuter railway line linking the city of Grodzisk Mazowiecki to the Warsaw city center.

Object 4501 – 4512 of 4538