Technical Assistance by two Swiss Cheesemakers in the Sultanate of Oman

Local news, 21.01.2018

From 19 December 2017 until 19 January 2018 two Swiss cheesemakers visited the Sultanate in order to provide Omani housewives in possession of farm animals, especially cows and goats, with the knowledge about the handcraft of making Swiss cheese.

To demonstrate how the milk of the women’s animals can be used in a beneficial way, was the main idea of this project initiated by Anisa Raesi, an Omani lady working for the Omani Women’s Association. During the period of their visit, Colette and Luc Rempe from the sheep farm “La Petit-Boutavent” in Vaulion were holding three different workshops. Two of them took place in the women’s associations of Mirbat and Taqqa in the region of Dhofar, as well one workshop in the women’s association of Seeb in Muscat. The women were taught how to make different types of cheese such as fresh cheese and ”Tomme” but as well the typical Swiss cheese ”Raclette”.

Every morning or evening the women came to class in small groups. The produced cheese reflected the high motivation of the participants and the Swiss cheesemakers were very satisfied with their final products taking into consideration the short timeframe at their disposal. Additionally to the handcraft of cheesemaking, the cheesemakers taught some more practical advises, such as how to control the milk of their animals or some general hygiene standards for the cheese production, to the women.

The participants of the workshops will now transmit their knowledge, gained from the Swiss cheesemakers, to other women in their village. This concept underlines the sustainability and the power of the multiplier effect of this project.

Many thanks go to Ms. and Mr. Rempe for their voluntary engagement in the Sultanate which contributed to the successful accomplishment of a sustainable project with a very pragmatic outcome.