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Great Lakes Region: Agriculture productivity, income generation and food security

01.08.2012 - 31.08.2016

The program will promote a stronger and more productive agricultural sector that can contribute significantly to a reduction of food insecurity in the region. It emphasizes a market driven approach while at the same time paying attention to farmers with more limited access to markets. Four elements will be addressed: creation of local agribusinesses, sustainable intensification of smallholder production, market development and value addition, and innovation for enabling policy and business climate.

Projet terminé

Promoting off-farm employment and income in the Great Lakes region through climate responsive building material production

01.03.2012 - 30.06.2016

The program aims at triggering local economic development and increasing employment and income in the rural areas of the Great Lakes region through promoting climate responsive building material technologies. The program will work on 3 different axes: support the efforts of the Government of Rwanda and Burundi to protect the natural resources; promote innovative technologies and offer corresponding vocational training; develop economically viable solutions for professional and climate responsive building material production.

Programme Eau Potable pour la Population des Grands Lacs (PEPP)

01.11.2011 - 31.03.2019

Le Programme Eau Potable pour la Population des Grands Lacs (PEPP) réalisera la construction et la réhabilitation de 32 adductions d’eau potable pour une population d’environ 360'000 bénéficiaires directs. Un accent particulier sera mis sur les mécanismes de gestion durable, maintenance et tarification, la participation communautaire et en particulier celle des femmes. La promotion de la santé visera la diffusion de bonnes pratiques d’hygiène et d’assainissement et la sensibilisation à l’eau comme bien précieux.

Objet 25 – 36 de 41