Switzerland at the Göteborg Book Fair

Thursday, 22.09.2016 – Sunday, 25.09.2016

Conference; Event accessible to journalists; Event for Swiss nationals who live abroad; Lecture; Literature

Now it's time again for all book and literature lovers to gather in Gothenburg for this year's Book Fair. This year three authors from Switzerland will take part in various programs and seminars at the fair and all three have newly published books in Swedish! At the fair we participate within the framework of EUNIC, a common platform for European cultural institutes and embassies, and for the third year in a row together we organize our popular literary “Café Europa” in the joint stand C02:03 and various seminars on the theme "freedom of expression".

Irena Brežná works as a journalist, writer, scholar in Slavic studies, psychologist and human rights activist. She has written a dozen novels and won several prestigious awards, such as the journalist prices EMMA Journalist Innen-Preis and the Theodor Wolff-Preis for her war reporting from Chechnya and the Swiss Federal literary prize for her novel "Die undankbare Fremde", which is now published in Swedish translation with the title “Den otacksamma främlingen” (Vaktel förlag).

Eugène has written several short stories, novels, fairy tales, children's books, newspaper columns and plays and his original autobiography "la Vallée de la Jeunesse" is now published in Swedish translation with the title "Ungdomens dal" (Lindelöws Boförlag). In the book he tells his story, his childhood during the dictatorship in Romania and his youth in Switzerland with all its cultural clashes with a lot of humor and warmth.

Theres K Agdler was born and raised in Switzerland but moved to Sweden in 1998 and adopted Swedish as her literary language. She has written several novels and short stories and works as text artist, teacher of creative writing and journalist. For her literary debut, the novel "Project Anaris [Fjällfragment]" she was awarded the literature prize of Norrland. Her latest project "Norrlands Futurum" is a literary and art project about the future of books and Norrland.

Our program at the Book Fair:

Thursday, September 22
15:00 to 16:00 Lilian O. Montmar talks with Benita Funke about her new book about the Red Cross and the Swedish women's humanitarian efforts during the 20th century. What drives us to help others and what do we learn from history? EUNIC Café Europa C02:03.

Friday, September 23
13:00 to 13:30 Theres K. Agdler talks with Benita Funke about her new book. EUNIC Café Europa C02:03.
16:00 to 16:45 Eugène: Lost in translation? About translation and different forms of expression. Large EUNIC seminar with Svetlana Cârstean, Elena Medel, Maria Sousa. Moderator: Jonas Ellerström. F3.
17:00 to 17:45 Irena Brežná: Escaping oppression in German language literature. Large seminar with Abbas Khider, Lutz Seiler and Joseph Winkler. Moderator: Cecilia Hansson. (Language: German). J1.
17:00 to 18:00 Eugène: “Writing through a child's eyes”. Eugène talks with the French writer Delphine de Vigan on the child's perspective in literature.

Saturday, September 24
11:00 to 12:00 Irena Brežná talks with Theodor Kallifatides and Benita Funke on migration and human rights, EUNIC Café Europa C02: 03.
13:00 to 13:20 Irena Brežná and Theodor Kallifatides talk with Benita Funke of refugees, identity and integration. Internationella torget, main stage.
14:00 to 14:45 Irena Brežná: Freedom of expression in a changing world. Large seminar with Joris Luyendijk, Theodor Kallifatides, Magda Cârneci. Moderator Per Bergström. H1.
15:00-16:00 Eugène: The art of telling one’s own story. Eugène and Françoise Sule give inspiration on how to work with the book "Ungdomens dal" in schools. Moderator: Benita Funke. Lärarnas Riksförbund C04:20
15:00 to 16:00 Theres K. Agdler reads at “Rum för poesi”.
17:00-18:00 Eugène talks with the Swedish writer Lilian O. Montmar about memories, memoirs and documents. Moderator: Benita Funke. EUNIC Café Europa C02:03.

Our Ambassador Christian Schoenberger will be present in Gothenburg during the bookfair!

Eugene will also participate in an event in Stockholm on the 26 of September at 18:30 at the Romanian Cultural Institute

We hope to see you at the Book Fair in Gothenburg or Stockholm at the Romanian Cultural Institute!

Location: Göteborg