Swiss movies at Stockholms Filmfestival

Friday, 11.11.2016 – Friday, 18.11.2016

Event accessible to journalists; Event for Swiss nationals who live abroad; Movie

At the Stockholm Film Festival no less than four very interesting movies with Swiss directors will be screened.

"Late Shift" is the world's first interactive movie; here it is the audience that decides what will happen next! The director Tobias Weber will attend the screening on November 17 at 17:30 at Klarabiografen. Read more...

"Raving Iran" is an exciting documentary about two Persian DJs and provides a unique insight into a closed country, its underground scene and two young people’s dreams of a different life. For security reasons, the material was filmed with mobile phones. The director Susanne Regina Meures will also be present and speak about her work on the film. The film will be screened on 11, 17 and 18 November. Read more...

"Bezness As Usual" will be screened on 11, 12 and 17 November and is about intercultural challenges in an unusual family constellation. Read more...

"Whatever The Weather" is a short film about a girl who lives with her alcoholic mother and tries to conceal this while the situation is becoming increasingly untenable. The film is included in the section iFestival and can be seen directly on the web:

Please visit th e webpage of Stockholms Filmfestival for more information about the festival, the films and tickets.

Location: Stockholm