The Mediator Hanbook - Sổ tay Hòa giải viên

Publication year 2017
Pages 268
Price free / miễn phí
Languages English, Vietnamese
The Mediator Hanbook - Sổ tay Hòa giải viên
(PDF, 268 Pages, 4.8 MB, multilingual: Vietnamese, English)

This Handbook was originally developed as part of the essential preparation for a 5-day intensive Mediator Skills Training (MST) course provided to World Bank Group clients under specific WBG projects in the Middle East and North Africa, Southeast Europe, and East Asia and the Pacific regions. It is intended to support the learning that takes place during the course through the practice and feedback, and to be a useful reminder for those with some experience. Revisiting the handbook after the course will reinforce participants’ understanding of the role and skills of the mediator and the process of mediation. Future or current mediators can also consult this Handbook for reference, but it is not intended to substitute a face-to-face practical skills training course.