Linking health, education and climate change in Southern Africa

Article, 02.03.2020

The impact of climate change on human health is becoming increasingly evident in Zimbabwe and the rest of Southern Africa.

Linking health, education and climate change in Southern Africa
A negative impact on productivity and production from climate change has already begun to affect the overall economy at the local level, leading to a number of macroeconomic vulnerabilities. © Embassy of Switzerland in Zimbabwe.

Young people especially find it difficult to protect themselves from HIV infection during precarious periods wrought by climate change.

Switzerland through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) is working with MIET Africa through a project called FutureLife-Now! to respond to the challenges created by climate change in the health and education sectors.

During a recent meeting with various stakeholders involved with FutureLife-Now! project it was noted that addressing issues affecting boys and young men’s poor health seeking behaviour is an important component in dealing with the impact of HIV and climate change.

Speaking at the meeting, the SDC Assistant Regional Director, Mr. Amir Fouad noted the importance of a gender transformative approach especially in addressing boys and young men’s poor health seeking behaviour.

Mr. Fouad noted how Switzerland is working with partners in Southern Africa to mainstream climate change and governance in HIV prevention. He applauded the synergy between health, education and the environment sectors which was clearly shown by the participants of the meeting.

SDC remains one the most important donors in Southern Africa trying to keep primary HIV prevention among young people on the agenda as well as mainstreaming critical determinants such as climate change, gender and governance in the fight against HIV and AIDs and the provision of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights services.

For more details on the discussions please go to: MIETAFRICA