Civil society for social cohesion in Mozambique

Planned project

Despite the positive developments in the peace process, rising inequalities, shrinking space for civil society and new emerging conflicts threaten the overall social cohesion and stability of Mozambique. This program aims to contribute to strengthen the social contract by strengthening citizen’s participation, inclusive leadership and solutions oriented multi-stakeholder dialogue where a responsible civil society, citizens, the private sector and responsive institutions develop a joint future based on inclusive local processes.

Country/region Topic Period Budget
Conflict & fragility
Human rights
Conflict prevention
Democratic participation and civil society
Human rights (incl. Women's rights)
01.01.2025 - 31.12.2030
CHF  12’597’000
Directorate/federal office responsible SDC
Project partners Contract partner
International or foreign NGO

Budget Current phase Swiss budget CHF    12’597’000 Swiss disbursement to date CHF    0
Project phases

Phase 99 01.01.2025 - 31.12.2030   (Planned)