Policy dialogue

Switzerland actively participates in international and multilateral processes and is engaged in dialogue to develop global rules, such as international conventions, processes and initiatives, like the Post-2015 Agenda on Sustainable Development.

By sharing its wealth of practical experience and expertise in the international policy dialogue, the SDC provides the technical foundation for the framework conditions conducive to sustainable development. In coordination with other federal agencies, the SDC actively participates in relevant international and multilateral processes to shape the global architecture. In addition, the SDC supports its partner countries in the development of norms and policies to cope with global and regional challenges.

Dialogue is the key to success

Switzerland  introduced its agenda in specific areas of the international policy dialogue and has achieved the following results, which are worth noting:

  • The SDC helps shape international climate policy in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and also serves on the governing bodies of various funding mechanisms such as the Green Climate Fund and the Adaptation Fund.Thanks to Swiss expertise and partnerships, the SDC has positioned agroecology for the transformation of food systems, both within international research institutions and with multilateral partners, as well as within the Multi-Stakeholder Coalition resulting from the United Nations Summit on Food Systems.Switzerland launched the Blue Peace initiative, which has helped facilitate political dialogue on transboundary water management in the Middle East (Turkey, Libya, Iraq, Jordan and Syria).
  • The SDC focuses on counteracting the particularly negative consequences of cluster crises for women and girls (health, climate and hunger crises, violence and armed conflicts) and on encouraging women activists in their commitment despite the tendency to propagate conservative misogynist stereotypes. The SDC's partnership with the Global Network of Women Peace Builders (GNWP), directly supports local women's organisations and initiatives actively engaged in preventing and overcoming conflict and crisis situations and gives them the opportunity to be heard in international policy dialogue.

Global risks in the 2030 Agenda

In the international dialogue Switzerland has contributed to placing global challenges firmly on the 2030 agenda for sustainable development according to clearly defined thematic areas. These thematic areas are: climate change, food security, water, migration and development, health, and gender equality.

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development