Focus of research

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Research supported by public development cooperation funds focuses on finding solutions to global problems. © UN.Org

Science-based recommendations are helping to speed up implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

Switzerland's international cooperation work includes supporting scientific research and innovation, as these play a key role in achieving sustainable development and eradicating poverty across the globe. SDC-funded research is guided by the objectives of Switzerland's International Cooperation Strategy and focuses on the following priority themes:

  • Food security and nutrition
  • Health matters
  • Employment and education
  • Environment, climate change and disaster risk reduction
  • Governance, conflict prevention and the promotion of human rights
  • Migration
  • Water

Research funded through Switzerland's international cooperation work therefore helps to reduce poverty and global risks, promotes sustainable development across the world, and supports low- and middle-income countries in implementing the 2030 Agenda.

International agricultural research

Most of the funding provided by the SDC is allocated to international agricultural research. As part of its multilateral engagement, the SDC supports  CGIAR, a global partnership for a food-secure future, which aims to reduce poverty, improve people's food security, health and diets, and promote sustainable resource management.

CGIAR and the SDC's commitment

CGIAR, global partnership for a food-secure future