Thursday, 18.09.2014 – Saturday, 25.10.2014

Woman preparing a traditional Mongolian snack
Production of "Aaruul, a traditional Mongolian snack made with white dried cheese, in Tariat Soum in Mongolia. © D. Davaanyam

Sharing cheese celebrating the Swiss traditional fair Cheese sharing in Justistal
The traditional fair Cheese sharing is celebrated every year at the end of the summer in Justistal in Bernese Oberland. © Christof Sonderegger

Photographic exhibition by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) to mark 50 years diplomatic relations and 10 years development cooperation between Switzerland and Mongolia

Mongolia and Switzerland have more in common than first meets to the eye, including wild landscapes with high mountains, a love of tradition and culture, and a close relationship with nature.

But there are also differences: Mongolians live in one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world and have to endure harsh climatic conditions and natural disasters. More than a quarter of the population is still living below the poverty line in spite of the country’s economic growth and vast mineral wealth.

For this reason, for the last ten years, Switzerland has been supporting Mongolia in its fight against poverty and its transition to democracy within the framework of development cooperation. In addition, the two countries have conducted diplomatic relations for the last 50 years and maintain friendly relations. To mark this double anniversary the Swiss Agency for Development (SDC) is mounting an exhibition of photographs, juxtaposing Switzerland with the country of infinite steppe 7,000 km away.


Natural History Museum Bern (Naturhistorisches Museum Bern), Bernastrasse 15, 3005 Bern

The exhibition

The exhibition will run from 18 September to 25 October 2014


18 September, 18:00


Because of limited space it is necessary to register in advance:  schweizmongolei@eda.admin.ch  until 1 September 2014 at the latest