Financial Advice and Risk Management

The Financial Advice and Risk Management (F+R) Section is in charge of federal financial processes, the SDC's internal control system (ICS) and risk management. It also provides advice on financial issues to senior management and the divisions.

The F+R Section provides advice and assistance to the SDC's senior management and divisions in making strategic decisions regarding financial matters and assists the Director General in discussing financial issues on parliamentary committees.

The F+R Section is responsible for overall coordination of financial processes in the context of the SDC's global budget, transfer credits and investment loans (budget, financial planning, annual financial statements, framework credits, etc.), in line with guidelines issued by the Federal Finance Administration (FFA) and the FDFA.

The F+R Section is responsible for coordinating the ICS process at the SDC, managing the SDC's ICS network, and developing and enhancing the ICS, organisational risk management and business continuity management (BCM).

The head of the F+R Section is the point of contact for institutional compliance issues and institutional measures.

The F+R Section is the SDC's liaison office for financial, ICS and risk management issues within the FDFA (Directorate for Resources, General Secretariat, etc.) and in relation to other federal agencies (FFA, SECO, etc.).