Asia Division

The Asia Division covers the priority countries Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Nepal in South Asia and Mongolia, Myanmar and the Mekong priority region (Cambodia, Laos) in East Asia.

In these politically and socially fragile countries, the SDC supports economic development that benefits all, contributes to the strengthening of civil society, and works to promote human rights and good governance. Other areas of the SDC's engagement in Asia are food security, safe labour migration, agriculture, and vocational skills development. Its main objectives there include reducing inequalities and addressing the social and political causes of conflict.

Together with SECO, the Asia Division oversees Switzerland's contribution to the Asian Development Bank, one of the most important multilateral development institutions in the region. The Asia Division also houses an advisory centre for development effectiveness, which coordinates for Switzerland the international processes to enhance the effectiveness of international cooperation between partner and donor countries. Furthermore, the Asia Division engages in knowledge exchange on development cooperation with Chinese development partners.