Agriculture and food security

Development of production systems and rural services favours sustainable use of natural resources


Preventing human trafficking and exploitation; helping refugees and displaced persons return home

Disaster risk reduction, emergency relief, reconstruction and protection

Knowing dangers and risks, acting preventively, during and after events, immediately. Saving lives, meeting the victims' basic needs and starting a new future with rehabilitation

Basic education and vocational skills development

Providing high quality education systems to guarantee universal access to basic knowledge and to relevant vocational education and training


Strengthening of health systems, communicable and noncommunicable diseases, and sexual and reproductive health

Good governance

The SDC is committed to ensuring that public services are performed competently in the interests of all citizens.

Climate change and the environment

Reducing greenhouse gases and promoting adaptation to climate change

Private Sector Development and financial services

Promoting the economy and jobs through private sector and financial sector development and vocational training

Gender equality

Commitment to equal opportunities for men and women in all development processes for a balanced society


Ensuring availability of drinking water for human consumption, sanitation, food production

Engagement in fragile contexts and prevention of violent conflicts

Fragility, conflicts, violence and human rights violations are the major challenges in fighting poverty