Instruments for gender mainstreaming

Father playing with his child in Bolivia
Gender corresponds to the division of roles between men and women in any given society. © SDC

Gender Tool Kit

The roles assigned to women and men in society can determine specific behavioural patterns and dynamics in both private and professional life. This aspect has to be taken into consideration in implementing cooperation projects. The ‘Gender Tool Kit’ contains several sheets with practical information to help people working in the field to ask the right questions at the right time. This is necessary in order to integrate the gender dimension at the various stages of a development programme. 

Gender in practice (PDF, 1.9 MB, English)


Thematic tools

To explain the SDC’s approach to gender equality and development, thematic tools have been developed for the following topics: 

  • Gender and skills development
  • Economic emancipation of women
  • Equality, agriculture, and food security
  • Equality, climate change, and disaster risk reduction
  • Sexual gender-based violence
  • Gender and water
  • Gender in training
  • Gender and interpretation of data
  • Gender, conflict transformation, and the psycho-social approach