At Bashy Rehabilitation of the Hydropowerplant

The project aims at ensuring reliable and sustainable generation and supply of electricity to the population of Naryn city and improve its socioeconomic development.

Country/region Topic Period Budget
01.04.2012 - 31.12.2022
CHF  22’422’299

After two successfully completed energy projects in Naryn region, SECO aims at supporting the rehabilitation of the At Bashy Hydro Power Plant near the town of Naryn. At Bashy HPP is a 40 MW plant situated in south Kyrgyzstan. The plant is not only important for the local energy supply, but also for the network stability of Southern Kyrgyzstan. While with the assistance of SECO, a part of the control system has been already rehabilitated, the entire electromechanical equipment is worn out and need urgent rehabilitation. The rehabilitation will improve the safety and the management of the plant while increasing the production capacity by 10%.


The overall project goal is to contribute to the social-economic development of the Naryn region by ensuring reliable and sustainable generation and supply of electricity to the population and business community.

Key objectives

1. Improve production capacity and reduce technical losses

- Long-term production security and generation stability are restored and secured.

- The HPP production capacity has increased by 10% to more than 44 Mw.

- The annual productivity of the station has increased.

- Technical losses are reduced from 2% to 0,5% - 0,3%.

2. Improve Safety

- Buildings and equipment are rehabilitated to enable and restore safety at the work place

3. Improve Corporate Governance

- Management capacities have improved

- Standards of transparency and governance are improved and implemented

- HPP staff has been trained and their capacity increased

4. CO2 - Reduction

- Reduction of non-renewable power resources has a positive impact on the environment, especially on climate change mitigation

Medium-term outcomes

? The project aims at a better effectiveness and efficiency of At Bashy HPP plant operation.

? The generation capacity will be increased.

? The operation security of the plant will be improved.

? The operational and financial performance of the plant will be improved.


Expected results:  

The output of the project will be the rehabilitated At Bashy Hydro Power Station and the better managerial, administrative and technical knowhow to manage the station. This includes:

a) Replacement of hydro mechanical equipment (e.g. Runners and guide vanes)

b) Replacement of electro-mechanical machines (Turbines)

c) Replacement of electrical equipment (Generators, Transformers)

d) Improvement of civil works and security (e.g. fire fighting system, digital protection, control and monitoring system)

e) Training and capacity building (technical training on new equipment, managerial capacities in regard to financial and organisational aspects and human resource management)

f) Implementation consultant services and project management (Detail design of works, procurement of goods, project supervision and coordination, controlling, assist the company in the design of social plan for discharged staff, etc.)

g) External audit (monitoring of financial and fiduciary risks)

Results from previous phases:  

In a previous project (Naryn III), a partial rehabilitation of At-Bashy Hydro Power Plant was undertaken. Speed governors and voltage regulators were replaced but more was to be done to ensure the infrastructure sustainability of the plant. A feasibility study conducted by Stucky Ltd in 2011 identified further rehabilitation needs. It also highlighted the economic and social impact of the project:

- The project will help provide a reliable source of heating for the poor. Poverty level in the Naryn area, is higher than the country average and electricity is the primary source of heating for the poorest. Taking into account the harsh climatic condition in the Naryn region (-40 C in winter), the importance of uninterrupted and affordable electricity supply is paramount.

- The project will also contribute to decrease social tensions in the region. It is important to remember that population dissatisfaction with power sector management was one of the reasons for the revolution in April 2010

Directorate/federal office responsible SECO
Credit area Development cooperation
Project partners Contract partner
  • JSC Electric Power Plants, Kyrgisistan

Budget Current phase Swiss budget CHF    22’422’299 Swiss disbursement to date CHF    0 Budget inclusive project partner CHF    22’422’299
Project phases Phase 1 01.04.2012 - 31.12.2022   (Current phase)