War from the Victims’ Perspective – Photographs by Jean Mohr

Saturday, 23.08.2014 – Sunday, 26.10.2014, Exhibition


A Mozambican boy looks through a window with a bullet hole
Mozambican refugees, presentations and singing in the school in Nyimba, Zambia, 1968 ©

Pensive mimic, laughing faces and searching eyes give the viewer a taste of what it is like to be caught up in a war. In Jean Mohr's photographs, hope and human dignity in such situations play a key role.

Following a tour to a very wide variety of places around the world, the some 60 black and white photographs of people in war zones are now being exhibited in the Landesmuseum Zürich. For this exhibition the FDFA and the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne collaborate in an unusual way, using art to raise people's awareness of the humanitarian issues.

Location: Landesmuseum Zürich