Open Day at the UN in Geneva – 'Beyond one’s own four kitchen walls'

sábado, 07.10.2017 – sábado, 07.10.2017

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The SDC will be presenting a number of projects from around the world at the UN Open Day in Geneva. Visitors will have the opportunity to find out more about Switzerland's development cooperation and sample delicacies from different countries.

Lugar: Palais des Nations, Avenue de la Paix 14, 1202 Geneva

Agriculture is still the most important source of income in the world. Worldwide around 500 million smallholder family-run farms produce approximately 50% of the world’s food supply. Agriculture thus provides employment for one third of the world’s working population. But it is also home to 70% of the world's poor.

With its special exhibition 'Beyond one’s own four kitchen walls', the SDC will present five interesting and colourful examples of its cooperation programmes from around the world, putting smallholder farmers in the spotlight. How do they store their harvest to protect it from damage by insects? What do specialists advise them to do when their crops are infested by pests? How do they maintain their production levels while using less water? As part of the exhibition, the SDC will also present a job-creation project in Kosovo and instruments used in the provision of emergency humanitarian aid.

Delicacies from the various countries will be available to sample, providing an opportunity for visitors to mingle and ask questions.

Admission: free of charge, registration required

Open Day, United Nations, Geneva, including registration