Mainstreaming the Concept of Migration and Development into Strategies, Policies and Actions in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Diaspora for Development (D4D)

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Bosnian Migrants contribute to progress in their country of origin. Nevertheless, their potentials to support BiH’s transition process and socio-economic development are to be mobilised systematically. Migration and Development (M&D) is a fairly new conceptual approach that entered already in relevant policies and strategies of BiH. Framing a consistent M&D concept in BiH requires a stepwise scheme: analysis, piloting and validation, definition, mainstreaming.

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Bosnia y Herzegovina
Migración en general (aspectos de desarrollo y partenariados)
Participación de la diáspora en el desarrollo
15.07.2013 - 31.12.2015
CHF  1’060’500

Since the early 1970s, BiH has been faced with increasing migration flows. More than 1.5 million BiH citizens (including second and third generation) reside outside the country (about 27% of the population); Switzerland is host to about 70’000 BiH citizens, half of them with double nationality. Taking into consideration the ongoing political struggles and the slow pace of socio-economic progress, it can be assumed that emigration to more developed countries will continue, mainly among young people; this will lead to severe implications on BiH’s development; e.g. brain drain. This calls for imperative actions of BiH’s authorities in providing supportive policies and mobilising potentials for addressing these challenges, and for getting to sustainable solutions; the migrant population living abroad can cooperate to respective processes, e.g. as investors, providers of pertinent know how and as networkers in the regional / international environment.


The overall goal (over the whole intervention of 6 years / 2 phases) is to contribute to establish a favourable environment for migrants who are willing to promote and pro-actively support the country’s development; effects of their commitment in relevant domains of transition and socio-economic progress are envisaged at all institutional and societal levels.

Grupos destinarios

Main target groups in the first phase are:

  • 10 local governments, partners of ILDP which have expressed to be included in this project
  • The Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, as well as other ministries (members of the WG M&D), together with institutions involved in strategic planning and policy development
  • The two Entities’ associations of cities and municipalities (ACMs) which play a facilitators role in the vertical dimension
  • Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), community based organisations and migrants’ hometown associations which promote M&D on the ground
Efectos a medio plazo
  • Policies for an effective integration of migrants contributions to the country’s development are outlined and mainstreamed into local development strategies of at least 10 LGs; visible projects have been designed (including relevant budget allocations) and are under implementation
  • Capacities of key actors at relevant governmental levels (mainly partner LGs, MHRR and members of the inter-ministerial working group / WG M&D) on effective M&D mainstreaming are strengthened; cooperation with migrants and their organisations is being structured in municipal planning schemes
  • Key elements for the definition of a valuable M&D mainstreaming concept are identified, validated and integrated into complementary action plans of different key actors in BiH (governmental institutions, civil society organisations, associations of cities and municipalities / ACMs, private sector, migrants’ organisations) 

Resultados previstos:  

  • Migration related policies are embedded into integrated development planning of 10 selected local governments; these municipalities set priorities and regimes for the inclusion of migrants’ contributions to local socio-economic development
  • Resources for supporting Migration and Development, based on relevant country policies are being provided; respective inter-institutional mechanisms are being established; the mainstreaming of migrations elements in municipality-canton-entity-state policies is in progress
  • The inter-ministerial working group on Migration and Development (WG M&D) for coordinating the mainstreaming process and for enhancing focused cooperation between key stakeholders is set up and is functioning
  • A national “Migration and Development Policy Road Map” is defined and under implementation; a first conceptual frame in BiH is outlined
  • The awareness and the knowledge about potentials of Migration for Development are increased among the public and the key project partners 

Resultados de las fases anteriores:  

No previous phases of the present M&D project have been conducted. Nevertheless, the pilot actions during its 1st phase will be structured in the frame of the Integrated and participatory local development planning concept, which is being developed and applied by the SDC funded Integrated Local Development Project (ILDP). ILDP is presently working with 43 partner municipalities on communal planning which leads to the establishment of efficient municipal services and socio-economic development projects. Thus, the basis for validating and enhancing M&D initiatives in 10 ILDP partner municipalities (local governments / LGs) is set.

Dirección / Officina Federal responsable COSUDE
Crédito Cooperación con Europa del Este
Contrapartes del proyecto Contraparte del contrato
Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU)
  • Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo

Coordinación con otros proyectos y actores

State and entity ministries, mainly members of the WG M&D, will provide support in bottom-up harmonisation of M&D into the new Strategy on Migration and Asylum, as well as into the new Country Development Strategy.

Migrants’ hometown associations will provide important inputs for a realistic inclusion of M&D into local strategic planning schemes.

The two entities’ ACMs will advocate for M&D elements in policy development at all governmental levels, and they will facilitate connections to projects of other national or international agencies in local socio-economic development.

The presently ongoing study on “Diaspora of BiH in Switzerland, Contribution to Development” will provide baseline information for the real potentials of M&D; it will also orient future actions of BiH migrants in different fields of development. 

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Fases del proyecto Fase 2 05.12.2016 - 31.12.2021   (Fase en curso)

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