lntegrated Water Resource Management in Kosovo

Progetto concluso

The Integrated Water Resource Management project supports different stakeholders in Kosovo at the national, regional and local level for establishing an integrated water resources management approach. This approach will address issues such as pollution, rising demand for water for farming, industry and growing urban areas, and will help mitigate the impact of climate change.


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01.10.2018 - 30.04.2024
CHF  9’946’202


The freshwater resources and related ecosystems of the country are coming under increasing pressure. Reasons are the growing demand for water resources and their pollution and increased risks of droughts and floods due to climate change. The capacities of institutions to respond to these challenges are limited and need to be strengthened. Low public and private sector awareness and weak CSO engagement in water related issues also need to be addressed.


IWRM-K supports Kosovo to establish a functional integrated water resource management framework for the protection, quality, sustainable use  and equitable allocation of water resources, thus contributing to improved socio-economic wellbeing and population health, to preserved ecosystems and to reduced risks of internal and transboundary water related conflicts.

Gruppi target

IWRM-K will work i) directly with national institutions such as Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment and subordinated institutions (i.a. River Basin District Authority, Kosovo Environment Protection Agency, Hydro-meteorological Institute) on institutional and capacity building, ii) with actors such as municipalities, regional water companies (RWCs), public irrigation companies and private sector stakeholders on the implementation of water resources management measures and iii) with citizens and civil society organizations to improve awareness and to foster their participation in water related issues.

Effetti a medio termine

- Kosovo Institutions and other relevant stakeholders establish the framework for long-term equitable allocation of good quality freshwater resources.

- Authorities at central and local level are able to protect and manage the water resources in an informed and inclusive manner.

- Citizens, civil society organizations and the private sector actively engage in a dialogue on use of water resources and environment related issues.




Risultati principali attesi:  

- Integrated water resources planning framework is established for 3 river basins.

- Innovative approaches to improve water resources management are prototyped.

- Legal and regulatory environment and institutional capacity for integrated water resources management are improved.

- Countrywide and basin-scale water monitoring and information systems are upgraded.

- Water resources management knowledge and skills among country’s water professionals are enhanced.

-Basin-scale water resources management is conducted in a participatory way.

- Nation-wide awareness on water-related issues and stakeholder mobilization in water resource management are enhanced.


Risultati fasi precedenti:  

This is a new intervention and the baseline for the first phase is described in the context.

Since 2009 Switzerland is the leading donor coordinator in the water sector and has gained a very rich experience and results, in particular in water supply. With this new intervention, SDC is shifting its focus of support from water supply to water resource management.

Two scoping studies were concluded to understand specific weaknesses and institutional barriers towards planning, development, protection and management of water resources in Kosovo. With this intervention, Switzerland will support Kosovo by bringing expertise from a similar project implemented in Northern Macedonia, focusing on a river basin management approach.


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  • Central State of South East
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Altri partner

The consortium Skat Consulting Ltd. / Environment Agency Austria EAA

Baton BEGOLLI (Advisor IMWC)

Afrim LAJQI (Advisor IMWC)

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Kosovo Environmental Program (KEP) funded by Sweden

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Fasi del progetto Fase 2 01.05.2024 - 30.04.2029   (Fase in corso)

Fase 1 01.10.2018 - 30.04.2024   (Completed)