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President Cassis rounds off visit to Japan with an address at Kyoto University

21.04.2022 — Press release EDA
President Cassis rounded off his visit to Japan on Thursday, 21 April, by delivering an address on the link between science and diplomacy to students at Kyoto University. The focus of the visit was on the war in Ukraine and bilateral relations in the areas of political, economic and scientific affairs. A cooperation agreement on joint research projects was signed and a groundbreaking ceremony was held for a new Swissnex location.

President Cassis discusses global security and bilateral issues with Japanese Prime Minister Kishida and Foreign Minister Hayashi

18.04.2022 — Press release EDA
On Monday, 18 April, President Ignazio Cassis met with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi in Tokyo. On the agenda were the war in Ukraine and the related security challenges in Europe and Asia. Other topics included the tasks of both countries in international organisations and cooperation in trade and science.

President Ignazio Cassis to visit Japan: meetings to focus on economic and scientific cooperation

14.04.2022 — Press release EDA
President Ignazio Cassis will travel to Japan next week. He will be accompanied by a business and scientific delegation. The visit includes stops in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Political discussions with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi in Tokyo will take place on Monday, 18 April. In Osaka, the focus will be on the new Swissnex site and the Expo 2025. The stop in Kyoto will be devoted mainly to science cooperation.

Switzerland to contribute to global rules on artificial intelligence

13.04.2022 — Press release EDA
The international community views artificial intelligence (AI) as a key technology with geopolitical implications. On 13 April 2022, the Federal Council took note of the report 'Artificial Intelligence and International Rules'. The report sets out various measures to allow Switzerland to play an active role in shaping and contributing to an appropriate global set of AI rules.

Switzerland renews contribution to CGIAR

13.04.2022 — Press release EDA
Switzerland is helping to develop innovative solutions to make food systems more resilient to climate change and provide access to healthy, affordable food for all. At its meeting on 13 April 2022, the Federal Council approved a contribution of CHF 54 million to the CGIAR, the global partnership for a food-secure future, for the 2022–24 period.

Switzerland–Brazil: State Secretary Livia Leu meets Secretary General Fernando Simas Magalhães

11.04.2022 — Press release EDA
FDFA State Secretary Livia Leu today received the Brazilian Secretary General of Foreign Affairs, Fernando Simas Magalhães, in Bern for the 10th round of political consultations between Switzerland and Brazil. The discussions covered political and economic relations, sustainability, human rights, research and innovation, and regional and international affairs.

Ignazio Cassis meets President Egils Levits of Latvia in Lugano

11.04.2022 — Press release EDA
During their meeting in Lugano, President of the Swiss Confederation Ignazio Cassis and his Latvian counterpart Egils Levits discussed bilateral relations between Switzerland and Latvia, the war in Ukraine and European policy. Afterwards, the two presidents visited the Museo Rainis e Aspazija, which commemorates the time spent in exile by the Latvian intellectuals in Switzerland at the start of the 20th century.

German-speaking foreign ministers address joint appeal to Russia

08.04.2022 — Press release EDA
At the invitation of Liechtenstein's Minister of Foreign Affairs, the annual meeting of foreign ministers from the five German-speaking countries took place today in the Principality of Liechtenstein. Their discussions focused on the current situation in Ukraine and its geopolitical consequences, and the humanitarian crisis created by the Russian attack on Ukraine. The five German-speaking foreign ministers jointly appeal to Russia to immediately end all use of force in Ukraine and to withdraw its troops unconditionally.

Swiss food shipment reaches Odesa

08.04.2022 — Press release EDA
Switzerland is organising a series of food deliveries for the suffering civilian population in Ukraine. Yesterday, a transport reached Odesa, a city of over a million inhabitants, which needs to organise sufficient food reserves to sustain the nutrition of the population. The SDC's humanitarian aid deliveries are made at the request of the local authorities.

75% of Swiss citizens living abroad have more than one nationality

07.04.2022 — Press release EDA
At the end of 2021, more than one in ten Swiss citizens lived abroad. This was a 1.5% increase compared with 2020. Most of these citizens lived in Europe. Regardless of the continent in which they lived, the majority were aged between 18 and 64. Reflecting Switzerland's multicultural nature, many of them also had more than one nationality, according to the results of the statistics on the Swiss abroad from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

President Ignazio Cassis receives Croatian President Zoran Milanović

07.04.2022 — Press release EDA
President Ignazio Cassis met with Croatian President Zoran Milanović in Geneva on Thursday, 7 April. In addition to bilateral relations, the talks focused on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the situation in the Western Balkans and Switzerland’s European policy. The visit included a meeting with students from the University of Geneva.

Object 37 – 48 of 3233

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