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Switzerland and Greece have resumed tax discussions

26.03.2015 — Press release Europa
Today in Athens, State Secretary Jacques de Watteville and the Greek Minister of State Nikos Pappas resumed the discussions on unresolved tax issues which had been suspended a year ago. Switzerland and Greece wish to strengthen cooperation to combat tax crime. Within this framework, both sides discussed particularly the preparation of the planned automatic exchange of information from 2017/2018.

Cross-border Commuter Statistics 2014 – Growth in the number of cross-border commuters in 2014 slightly dampened

23.03.2015 — Press release Europa

Neuchâtel, 23.03.2015 - (FSO) - The number of foreign cross-border commuters working in Switzerland increased by 8600 persons (+3.1%) in 2014. Just over half of the cross-border commuters (52.4%) were resident in France, around a quarter (23.7%) were resident in Italy and a fifth in Germany (20.4%). In Ticino, the proportion of commuters out of all employed persons was highest at 26.2%. These are the findings of the Cross-border Commuter Statistics, conducted by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) on a quarterly basis.

Switzerland admitted to phase 2 of Global Forum peer review

16.03.2015 — Press release Europa
Switzerland has been admitted to phase 2 of the peer review. Such was the conclusion of the Global Forum in its report published today on the statutory framework necessary for Switzerland for administrative assistance in tax matters. The decision recognises Switzerland's efforts to comply with the international standard for the exchange of information upon request. Phase 2 of the peer review on the practical implementation of Switzerland's system should start in the fourth quarter of 2015.

First working visit to Bern by Polish Foreign Minister Grzegorz Schetyna

26.02.2015 — Press release Europa

Bern, 26.02.2015 - Swiss Foreign Minister Didier Burkhalter received his Polish counterpart, Grzegorz Schetyna, today in Bern. Their talks focused on bilateral relations one year after the adoption of a joint declaration on closer cooperation, Switzerland's enlargement contribution to reduce economic and social disparities in the enlarged European Union (EU), and the two countries' relations with the EU.

Switzerland and Italy sign agreement on tax issues

23.02.2015 — Press release Europa
Today, Federal Councillor Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf and Italian Finance Minister Pier Carlo Padoan met in Milan and signed a Protocol of Amendment to the double taxation agreement and a roadmap for continued dialogue on financial and tax issues. The agreement will improve relations between Switzerland and Italy in the area of finance and taxation after years of controversy and simplify the regularisation of untaxed assets before the automatic exchange of information is introduced.

Programme of the Federal Councillors attending the WEF Annual Meeting 2015

20.01.2015 — Press release Europa
The Federal Council believes that the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting is of great importance to Davos and to Switzerland. Each year, this event brings together leaders from the worlds of business and government. It serves as a venue for an informal exchange of opinions on major topical issues. In view of the current economic and political challenges, the opportunity for such direct contact among decision-makers from government, business and civil society is extremely valuable.

Federal Council approves the 2014 Foreign Policy Report

14.01.2015 — Press release Europa
The Federal Council approved the 2014 Foreign Policy Report at its meeting on 14 January 2015. The report provides an overview of Swiss foreign policy and gives an account of Switzerland's most important foreign policy activities in 2014. It contains a chapter focusing on Switzerland's OSCE chairmanship in 2014.

Impact of Global Value Added Chains on Switzerland

14.01.2015 — Press release Europa
Today, the Federal Council adopted the 2014 Foreign Economic Policy Report. The report’s feature topic is the impact of global value added chains on the Swiss economy. In the year under review, the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement was adopted and a new free trade agreement between Switzerland and China, in particular, entered into force. Switzerland continued cooperation with developing countries promoting sustainable economic development and strengthening the administrative capacity of governmental players

Federal Council initiates two consultations on international exchange of information in tax matters

14.01.2015 — Press release Europa
During its meeting today, the Federal Council launched two consultations on the international exchange of information in tax matters, which should also make the automatic exchange of information (AEOI) possible. One bill concerns the OECD/Council of Europe administrative assistance convention signed by Switzerland in 2013. The other bill concerns Switzerland's participation in the Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement and the AEOI implementing act. The issue of the countries with which Switzerland should establish the automatic exchange of information will be presented to Parliament separately at a later stage.

Federal Council opens consultation on the continuation of the Federal Act on Cooperation with the States of Eastern Europe

17.12.2014 — Press release Europa
The Federal Council has opened the consultation on the continuation of the Federal Act on Cooperation with the States of Eastern Europe (Eastern Europe Cooperation Act). The current act is still valid until the end of May 2017. A timely prolongation should enable the seamless continuation of cooperation with the countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The consultation will last until 31 March 2015.

Direct democracy and foreign policy shape Switzerland's image in 2014

15.12.2014 — Press release Europa
Like the 9 February referendum on the mass immigration initiative, Switzerland's many popular votes in 2014 have consistently captured the attention of foreign media. There has also been extensive coverage of the international conferences that have been hosted in Geneva, as well as of Switzerland's Chairmanship of the OSCE. This coverage has given Switzerland's good offices and peacebuilding efforts a much higher profile. The Swiss financial sector continues to be subject to criticism, although there have been signs of improvement this year. In the sporting arena, Switzerland's image has benefited from the national football team's strong performance in Brazil, and the Swiss victory in the Davis Cup. Finally, Switzerland continues to enjoy considerable popularity, as demonstrated by its excellent rankings in international image indices.

Visegrad-Gipfel: Schweiz verstärkt Dialog und Zusammenarbeit mit der Slowakei, Tschechien, Polen und Ungarn (de)

09.12.2014 — Press release Europa
Bei seinem Treffen mit den Premierministern Robert Fico (Slowakei), Bohuslav Sobotka (Tschechien), Ewa Kopacz (Polen) und Viktor Orban (Ungarn) im Rahmen des Visegrad-Gipfels in Bratislava hat Bundespräsident Didier Burkhalter mit seinen Gesprächspartnern eine Erklärung verabschiedet, die einen regelmässigen Meinungsaustausch vorsieht und die Entwicklung gemeinsamer Initiativen etwa in den Bereichen Bildung, Forschung oder wirtschaftlicher Zusammenarbeit fördern möchte. Bundespräsident Burkhalter nutzte seinen Aufenthalt in Bratislava ausserdem für bilaterale Gespräche mit dem slowakischen Präsidenten Andrej Kiska, Premierminister Robert Fico und Aussenminister Miroslav Lajcak.

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