A criminal being handcuffed
The agreement enhances police cooperation against international crime and terrorism. © EU

The Agreement between Switzerland and Europol, the criminal prosecution authority of the European Union (EU), improves cooperation between police authorities in the prevention and fight against serious and organised international crime and terrorism.

In particular, the Agreement facilitates the safe and rapid exchange of strategic and operational information and enhances cooperation for analysis. It also enables Switzerland and Europol to share expertise, participate in training activities, and to consult and provide mutual support in specific investigations. Switzerland operates a liaison office in The Hague (NL) staffed with two police attachés and a liaison officer of the Swiss Border Guard to coordinate and facilitate this cooperation.


  • 01.10.2018: second enlargement of the area of application
  • 01.01.2008: first enlargement of the area of application
  • 01.03.2006: entry into force of the Agreement
  • 07.10.2005: approval by Parliament
  • 24.09.2004: signing of the Agreement

Status August 2019