Popular votes

When the Swiss voted against joining the European Economic Area (EEA) in the referendum of 1992 Switzerland decided to develop further relations with the European Union on a bilateral basis. Since then there have been a number of other popular votes on questions related to European policy.

  • 15.05.2022: Adoption of the EU Regulation on the European Border and Coast Guard (Frontex).
  • 27.09.2020: Popular initiative «For moderate immigration (Limitation Initiative)»
  • 19.05.2019: EU firearms directive
  • 30.11.2014: Popular initiative «Ecopop»
  • 09.02.2014: Popular initiative aimed at «Stopping mass immigration»
  • 17.05.2009: Acceptance of the Federal Act of 13 June 2008 about the introduction of electronically stored biometric data in the Swiss passport and in the travel documents for foreign individuals (development of the Schengen acquis)
  • 08.02.2009: Continuation of the agreement on the free movement of persons and its extension to Bulgaria and Romania
  • 26.11.2006: Federal Act on Cooperation with Eastern Europe
  • 25.09.2005: Extension of the agreement on the free movement of persons and the revision of the accompanying measures
  • 05.06.2005: Acceptance of the Schengen/Dublin association agreement
  • 04.03.2001: Popular initiative «Yes to Europe!»
  • 21.05.2000: Bilateral Agreements I between Switzerland and the European Union
  • 08.06.1997: Popular initiative «EU membership negotiations before the people!»
  • 06.12.1992: Accession of Switzerland to the European Economic Area