Switzerland and Montenegro maintain good bilateral relations, backed up by a series of bilateral agreements in areas of mutual interest.

Key aspects of diplomatic relations

Diplomatic relations between the two countries are good but of low intensity. In 2021, Montenegro closed its representation in Bern for financial reasons. Since Montenegro's independence in 2006, Switzerland has been represented in the country through cross accreditation in Belgrade. There is also an honorary consul in Podgorica with consular functions. Various agreements – covering economic matters, migration and air transport – govern relations, which also take into account the presence of a community of Montenegrins in Switzerland and an ever growing number of Swiss tourists visiting Montenegro, as well as considerable investments from Switzerland. 

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Economic cooperation

Switzerland and Montenegro have concluded a number of bilateral agreements on trade and economic cooperation, double taxation, and the protection and promotion of investments.

Trade between the two countries remains modest, although Switzerland is one of Montenegro's main investors. The coast of Montenegro is becoming an increasingly popular destination for Swiss tourists.

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Swiss citizens in Montenegro

According to statistics on the Swiss abroad, there were 119 Swiss citizens (mainly dual nationals) living in Montenegro at the end of 2021. 

History of bilateral relations

Formerly a part of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro, Montenegro declared its independence on 4 June 2006 and was immediately recognised as an independent state by the international community. Switzerland established diplomatic relations with Montenegro on 30 June of the same year. Diplomatic and consular representation comes under the responsibility of the Swiss embassy in Belgrade (Republic of Serbia).

The SDC's activities in Montenegro focused on humanitarian aid from 1991.  Since the country’s declaration of independence in 2006 the SDC's cooperation programme has focused on Serbia. However, both the SDC and SECO continue to fund regional programmes covering Montenegro.

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