Other points to bear in mind

Below are a few other points to consider:

Language skills

In order to become integrated into society in the country of destination, it is necessary to possess a basic command of the national language.


Climatic conditions that we are unaccustomed can have a negative effect on our physical and mental well-being.


Be sure to find out how (and how efficiently) the healthcare system works.

Accustomed standard of living

Can you maintain the standard of living you are accustomed to, and what additional costs do you have to anticipate?

Religion and welfare

Iit is not always possible to find the religious institution of your choice in another country.

Keeping in touch

After moving permanently abroad it is often difficult to stay closely in touch with relatives, friends and acquaintances back home.

Leisure-time activities

Can you continue to pursue your favourite hobbies and past-times, and do you have access to media in your mother tongue?

Customs regulations

Ask the official representation of the country of destination about customs regulations and applicable charges.

Financial matters

Increased purchasing power can mislead people looking to retire abroad into thinking that this will also improve their quality of life. That is why it is important to be sure of your budget and the living expenses in your country of destination before setting off.