Social security for Swiss citizens abroad

You are a Swiss citizen, without residency in Switzerland and are registered in the register for Swiss citizens abroad. You now find yourself in financial difficulties which you are unable to manage with your own resources. The Swiss representation responsible for your place of residence abroad can advise and help you to find a solution. It can also help Swiss nationals who are temporary abroad. Do not hesitate to contact your responsible Swiss representation.

The Federal Constitution of the Swiss Confederation (SR 101) stipulates in Article 6 that “All individuals shall take responsibility for themselves and shall, according to their abilities, contribute to achieving the tasks of the state and society.”

The Federal Act on Swiss Citizens and institutions abroad (SR 195.1 Article 24) stipulates that social assistance is provided only to Swiss citizens abroad who are unable to support themselves either with their own resources, through assistance of a private nature or with the help of the country of domicile.

If you have exhausted all the resources available to you (including family or friends, the country of domicile) you may make a request for social assistance through the intermediary of the Swiss representation responsible for your place of domicile abroad.

Swiss representations work closely with the unit of the Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) responsible for social assistance for the Swiss Abroad (ASE/SAS). It is this unit which decides on all requests for social assistance by the Swiss abroad.

You will find the relevant information on social assistance on the ASE/SAS webpage.