AUSSTELLUNG “1514. BOOK. 2014”

Dienstag, 01.07.2014 – Dienstag, 31.03.2015

“The exhibition 1514. Book. 2014 will provide an opportunity to examine the books published in that particular year across Europe, revealing the cultural richness and diversity of the age.
The aim of the 1514. Book. 2014 exhibition is to reveal European culture, politics and mentality as it was 500 years ago, focussing on people’s personal relationships with the text and the world. Book-reading almost always demands solitude and withdrawal from the world. At the time of reading, the book makes the reader ‘its own’ and the book becomes ‘mine’ to the reader, even if it is not
physically his or her property. The concept ‘mine’, expressing the significance of material, intellectual and spatial possession in human life, will be the guiding motif of this exhibition. Through the books printed 500 year ago, we will demonstrate how the longdead people of the sixteenth century perceived and sensed their world. This exhibition will invite contemporary readers and viewers to become aware of their belonging to the past as documented by ancient books. “

Zur Ausstellung gehören u.a. einige Publikationen von 1514 aus der Universitätsbibliothek Basel und
aus der Vadianischen Sammlung der mOrtsbürgergemeinde, Kantonsbibliothek Vadiana St. Gallen

Ort: Nationalbibliothek Lettlands, Riga, Mūkusalas iela 3