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Living with climate change

Swiss Humanitarian Aid helps rural communities in the Andes adapting to the challenges of climate change, combining local knowledge and modern scientific progress. In urban regions, it supports vulnerable communities fighting contamination in an adequate way.

Employment and economic opportunities

Swiss Cooperation will continue promoting ideas and projects that offer better access to services and markets for producer families and will support vocational training to improve the technological level of the country and, consequently, create more job opportunities, especially for young people and women.

Decentralization and Human Rights

Switzerland is one of the most developed and most decentralized countries in the world. Therefore, it’s opting for development by decentralization. Swiss Cooperation will continue to work for justice for those who need it more. Moreover and together with different Bolivian institutions, it will continue supporting women in their fight against violence.

Humanitarian Aid

The Swiss Humanitarian Aid’s mission is to save lives and to alleviate pain and suffering of human beings in case of disaster.