Small Projects Grants 2019-2022

Important notice: this call for proposals under the Small Project Grants will be closed at 24:00 hrs on June 30th, 2019. Project proposals received after this deadline will not be reviewed.

The objective of the Swiss Cooperation Strategy in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2017-2020 (PDF, Number of pages 44, 3.4 MB) is to create more and better social, economic and political opportunities for the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The corner stone to get there are large, long-term programmes.

In order to support complementary initiatives, the Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina will additionally (co-)finance projects implemented by local organizations through Small Projects grants.

Eligible projects need to be innovative, small-scale and socially, economically, ecologically and politically relevant. Interventions must deliver tangible results at the individual and/or policy levels and directly contribute to the outcomes of the current Strategy and beyond.

There is a considerable potential for added value in Small Projects when they are authentic and creative with visible impacts, as well as when they pilot new local partnerships. They may also have a catalytic character to support break-through of new ideas or approaches.

The Embassy focuses on supporting projects in all geographical areas of BiH.



Please read first the Eligibility criteria and requirements (PDF, 564.0 kB).

Applicants are invited to send electronic copies of the completed application and budget forms (see templates links below) to the email address with the subject title: “Application to the Small Projects”. The Embassy will receive applications until available funds for the Small Projects grants are committed.

Applications with a requested contribution of equal or higher than CHF 20’000 represented in equivalent BAM (using the exchange rate at the time of the project proposal submission) have to be submitted in English, while other applications can be submitted either in English or the local language.

Each organization or institution can receive funding for one project only in the current phase of the Embassy’s Small Projects (March 2019 – February 2022).

Please remember to save the templates on your computer before you start filling in your application.

Application forms:

Budget forms:

Swiss Cooperation Strategy in BiH: