Cultural diplomacy

Cultural diplomacy is one of the fields of action of the Consulate General of Switzerland in São Paulo, promoting Swiss culture in its various artistic expressions, building bridges between Brazil and Switzerland, and creating important exchanges to broaden intercultural dialogue.

In the visual arts, cinema, dance, literature, music and theater, we always seek to bring the best of the Swiss art scene to the Brazilian public and to expand the points of contact between Brazil and Switzerland.

Preserving the memory of the Swiss presence in Brazil is also one of the focuses of the consulate's work, through initiatives such as the website Suíços no Brasil, which tells the history of Swiss immigration to the country and presents a gallery of Swiss men and women and their important role in different sectors of the Brazilian society, from the past to the present. 

Under the auspices of Presence Switzerland, the main communication agency of the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Consulate General of Switzerland maintains an active dialogue with the diplomatic network in Brazil and Latin America, organizing a common cultural program, which has increasingly strengthened the integrated work for Swiss culture.

The cultural partnerships with Swiss entities operating in Brazil, such as the Pro-Helvetia Foundation, in the field of contemporary art, have enabled the permanent operation of artistic residencies in Brazil and Switzerland, and boosted an intense artistic exchange between the two countries. In recent years, this work has intensified with the establishment of the Pro-Helvetia Foundation, which operates decentralized throughout the Latin American continent.

In the field of digital culture, Swissnex Brazil works with projects that integrate art, technology, innovation and education in collaboration with startups and in close dialogue with the academic sector, identifying and creating synergies.

Working in partnership with Brazilian cultural entities is fundamental to the realization and success of our projects, allowing us to broaden horizons and create broader agendas, with culture being a priority instrument for promoting a plural dialogue.

Every month, we publish the Cultural Bulletin of Switzerland in Brazil, which announces the schedule of Swiss events throughout the country.

We also maintain active social media channels that allow you to follow the main cultural activities organized by the Swiss diplomatic representations in Brazil. 

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