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As part of its current Cooperation Strategy (2017–21), Switzerland (SDC) is supporting the Cuban government with the modernisation of its socio-economic model. It has been focusing its efforts on local development since 2011.

In comparison with other Caribbean and Central American countries, Cuba performs well in terms of basic social services (healthcare, education and social security). However, the country is faced with economic problems stemming from its dual currency system and dependence on other countries for basic food products. The government has been pursuing a policy of devolution of public services, the privatisation of certain economic activities and municipalisation since 2011.

SDC supports projects in 95 of 168 Cuban municipalities in the fields of participation (support with decentralisation, development of municipal institutions’ capabilities, planning and participative management), agriculture and economic development (support for private cooperatives, enhancement of value chains, certified organic production and renewable energies) and the promotion of gender equality (social inclusion, combating discrimination due to gender, age and sexual orientation).

Detailed information can be found on the Spanish page.