Swiss Cooperation Programme for Iraq

The humanitarian and security situation in Iraq grew in complexity since late 2013, with the effects of the conflict in Central Iraq resulting in the displacement of more than 3.3 million Iraqis. , of which 930’000 have fled to the  the Kurdistan Regional Government (KR-I). The country is now contending with the third-largest internally displaced population in the world.

The capacities of both the Central Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government to respond to the escalating needs have been overwhelmed and overstretched. They have both requested assistance from the international community. International and local partners continue to strengthen collaboration in an effort to widen the areas of operation and reach the largest possible number of vulnerable people.

At the same time, some 250’000 Syrian refugees, in majority of Kurdish origin, have sought protection and shelter in the Kurdish Region of Iraq. They are either sheltered in some of the camps and transitional sites or are living as non-camp refugees outside organized structures, trying to cope with their livelihood.