The Swiss-Korean Innovation Week 2024

Article, 30.04.2024

Explore a series of events centered on "The Trust Equation" from May 20-24

© Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Korea
Swiss-Korean Innovation Week 2024 © Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Korea

The Swiss-Korean Innovation Week, the Swiss Embassy's annual flagship event, is set to take place from May 20-24.

With the theme "Trust Equation," the 2024 edition will delve into the intricate dimensions of digital trust. Engaging workshops, insightful panel discussions, and hands-on activities will explore topics such as digital self-determination, cybersecurity, data privacy, automated decision-making, and ethical practices.

Join us for this captivating week of exploration and innovation, where we aim to unlock the potential of digital trust and collectively build a safer, more empowered digital future.

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